我們是J & A,喜歡一起記錄生活點滴,一起笑得很大聲還有一起冒險。13歲相識,不小心當了彼此的初戀,結婚前談了7年的遠距離戀愛,因為我們每個季節只能見一次面,所以每個季節都給了我們不同的意義。步入禮堂前的我們,雖總一直在遠距離的狀態,卻也從未停止一起冒險,我們透過電話和網路計畫並共同完成了自己的四季婚紗攝影 “Seasons of Love 四季愛旅行”,捕捉了我們在四個季節穿婚紗禮服公路旅行的歡笑及探險,以此紀念我們分分離離7年的青春。人生總是充滿驚喜,從來沒想過我們竟會穿著婚紗和西裝,搭乘2000英呎高的熱氣球、穿越大草原、橫跨沙漠與峽谷、還有看著美麗的高山湖滑雪。我們用熱情拍下每一張照片,更在每一次的旅程中擁抱最真實的彼此,藉此將最珍貴的回憶,送給未來的我們,不論40歲、60歲或80歲,也都還要一起手牽手旅行,細細品嚐人生的每一段旅程。分享給喜歡旅行的朋友們!謝謝你與我們一起看這世界~

We are J &A: husband and wife, video enthusiasts, adventurers and best friends. We met as teenagers, and were married in 2015. Before tying the knot, we had a 7-year long distance relationship across Canada, US and Taiwan, and we made a promise that we would fly to each other once every season no matter what. This tradition of ours has then become the concept of creating our own wedding video, “Seasons of Love,” which was shot in all 4 different seasons while we were mostly apart.

Travel In Seasons began as a simple wedding traveling video shot through 4 seasons and has quickly turned into our traveling journal that captures our fun, loving and exciting traveling moments. We still keep our promise of traveling in 4 seasons, but from now on, we will do it together. 🙂 This is a place where we can share our travels, joy, and inspirations. We want to welcome you and thank you for following along. We’re happy you’re here!

Seasons of Love – Weddings in Napa Valley, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Lake Tahoe 四季愛旅行-婚紗攝影